Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai yoga therapy is a deeply relaxing form of ancient Asian bodywork. Practiced for over 2500 years by Buddhist monks, Thai yoga therapy is in fact the oldest form of medicine in Thailand.

Often referred to as "Yoga for Lazy People" Thai yoga therapy:

~  combines applied hatha yoga, reflexology and acupressure
~  moves stuck energy returning natural health and wholeness
~  is a fully clothed treatment performed on a floor-mat

You can think of it as someone doing yoga to you, and more. Your body is gently stretched and rocked in a flowing moving meditation. Pressure points are activated to open up your lines of energy. The result is a profound sense of relaxation, balance, openness, peace and invigoration.

It's great for everyone! No yoga experience necessary.

~ it's like being rocked back to the womb ~
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